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Top 6 Factors That Determine Successful Event Management

Event management, while on the surface appearing to be easy, behind the scenes however it is extremely difficult. Ask any small business owner and he will tell you that he has had to apply similar amounts of effort in ensuring that his enterprise runs smoothly. Characteristics of an event manager include possessing high levels of idea generation, skills in project and financial management as well as sales and marketing knowledge.

Managing an event is not something that just happens, it takes time and knowledge to run smoothly. Event management is a plan that details what will happen and at what time. Preparations are then made to ensure that the plan is executed seamlessly. In preparing a plan, there are certain issues that will need serious consideration to ensure that the event management exercise becomes fruitful.

Understand Purpose For Organising Event

As an event manager, your plan ought to be cognisant of the motivations behind the organisation of the event. With our experience, Digital Cycle Events understands that every single event is different and therefore, the team, equipment, logistics will be different every time basically. 


Reasons may range from the generation of publicity, the launch of new product/service or generation of income. Your choice of a live event must be based on the fact that it will offer a benefit that cannot be gained from other marketing channels. Based on these reasons, you could opt for a wide range of events to stage including exhibitions, roadshows, fundraisers or conferences.

Format Of The Event

An event management professional will also think about the format in which the will be run for those in attendance. You could attach a theme to it and invite guests or speakers that specialise in that theme. Also, important for consideration is the scale of your event, which may be a niche target market or more of a public event. Your proficiency in generating ideas will come in handy as well as the knowledge acquired from marketing and financial management courses.

Location Of The Event

Obtaining a venue for the event is one of the most financially draining exercises you will undertake as an event management specialist. You have to consider the service delivery that will come with selecting a certain venue for your event. The main question to consider is whether additional services, such as, stewarding, public address system or first aid kit will be billed separately or included in the costs of securing the venue. If you are at a loss on how to conduct this exercise successfully, you can delegate it to venue sourcing companies that will alert you to a location that suits the needs of your event.

Staff Selection

The people you choose to work with in managing the event will be integral to its success or failure. They may work on your team as caterers, volunteers, suppliers as well as ushers. Recruiting these people requires you to develop relevant job descriptions that will allow you to attract those that possess the qualifications you need. Conducting interviews should be the next step where you will seek to analyse the effectiveness of every job candidate. Even after the interviews, the new employees should be briefed thoroughly, to ensure they understand their respective roles in the successful execution of the event management plan.

Logistics For The Event

Logistics revolves around the execution of contracts signed with suppliers for the delivery of important materials for the event, such as, signage, audio visual, licences, printers, flooring as well as health and safety consultants. It is imperative that you source for price quotes of these items as soon as possible to ensure proper budgeting and negotiation with suppliers. You should get a definite response from the suppliers regarding the date of delivering the items, in order to ensure that you can make appropriate plans.

Publicity For The Event

You should be able to estimate when marketing for the event the amount of ‘buzz’ the event is generating. New forms of marketing such as internet marketing, allow event management professionals to use social media as a platform for promoting their events thanks to its ‘online word-of-mouth communication’. However, do not forget that your choice of marketing will be influenced by the type of audience, budget and internal resources.

Even with our many years in the event management industry, we concede that managing an event is no walk in the park. However, our event organisers have many years of experience handling various types of events such that they are familiar with the common challenges. We are also versed in different marketing strategies that we apply to our clients’ events to create a lasting positive impression of their products and services in the audience’s minds.